About Us

Welcome to the nmforestry’s Blog! We are a team of professional foresters who are passionate about sustainable forestry and sharing our knowledge with others.

Our blog covers all aspects of forest management, conservation, and the forestry industry. We provide in-depth articles on topics like silviculture, forest ecology, wildlife habitat, forest products, and more. Whether you’re a fellow forester looking to stay up-to-date or someone who simply loves trees and nature, we hope our blog will be an informative resource.

The Nmforestry’s Blog was founded in 2023 by John Smith, a registered professional forester with over 20 years of experience managing both public and private forests. John started this blog as a way to share his expertise in a more casual format compared to scholarly forestry publications.

On this blog, you can expect to find:

  • In-depth forestry articles covering silviculture, forest health, wood products, wildlife management, forest business, and more
  • News and analysis of current events and issues facing the forestry community
  • Profiles of interesting people working in forestry, from loggers to researchers
  • Recommendations and reviews of tools, equipment, publications, and other forestry resources
  • Our opinions and editorial thoughts on developments in the world of forestry
  • Guest posts from other forestry professionals from time to time
  • Plenty of beautiful photos of forests near and far!

Thank you for visiting our forestry blog! We sincerely hope our articles pique your interest to learn more about forests. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for future blog content.