Do You Have to Pay at Rosliston Forestry Centre?

The Rosliston Forestry Centre, located in South Derbyshire, is a popular spot for outdoor recreation and exploring nature. With various trails and activities like a play forest and bike tracks, many visitors wonder – do you have to pay to access Rosliston Forestry Centre?

Understanding the payment information can help you plan your visit accordingly. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of which areas and activities require payment versus free access at the Rosliston Forestry Centre.

Main Car Park and Trails

The main car park and majority of the trails at Rosliston Forestry Centre can be accessed free of charge.

Visitors are welcome to park in the main gravel car park off Burton Road and explore the following trails and forest areas at no cost:

  • The Forestry England trails
  • Staunton Harold trails
  • Central Forest Drive
  • Bullet tipple

So if you simply want to go on a nice walk through the woods or trails, admire nature, or have a picnic, you can do so without paying an access fee in these areas.

Play Areas and Facilities

While the natural trails and woods can be explored for free, some of the more built-up play areas and manmade facilities do require payment upon entry.

These include:

The Play Forest

This unique play area for kids features woodland-themed structures and activities. Some highlights include:

  • Treehouse towers
  • Wobbly bridges
  • Slides
  • Net climbers
  • Woodland swings
  • Log play areas
  • Sensory trail activities

There is a fee to access The Play Forest. Pricing is:

  • Child over 3 years: £4
  • Adults: £2
  • Family (2 adults, 2 children): £12

Annual membership plans are also available for frequent visitors which can save money over time.

The Bike Tracks

Rosliston has several off-road bike tracks and trails that cater to varying skill levels. These include:

  • Green easy track
  • Blue moderate track
  • Red difficult track
  • Skills zone

There is a fee to access and use these bike tracks due to the maintained facilities and rental bikes available. Pricing is:

  • Child aged 5+ years: £4
  • Adults: £4

Cafe and Toilets

The on-site cafe and toilet facilities in the main building also require an entry fee to access, with pricing of:

  • Child over 5 years: £1.50
  • Adults: £1

So if you simply need to use the restroom during your walk, expect a small fee. Grab a snack at the cafe while you’re there!

Orienteering and Events

Special orienteering courses, programs, and unique events that utilize the trails may also carry separate fees to participate.

Some examples include:

  • Group orienteering sessions
  • “Natural Adventure” programs
  • Guided educational tours
  • Community events
  • Charity 5K fun runs

Check the Rosliston Forestry Centre website for pricing and dates on these special events if interested. Most recreational access remains free.

Annual Membership Pass Option

For frequent visitors, an annual membership can save money compared to paying individual entry fees each time.

Membership includes unlimited access to:

  • The play forest
  • Bike tracks
  • Cafe and toilets
  • Orienteering courses

Pricing is £40 per year for a family membership. Memberships help support operational costs for the non-profit centre.

Summary of Payment Information

To summarize what areas you need to pay for at Rosliston Forestry Centre:

  • Main trails and forest areas: Free
  • Play Forest: Entry fee
  • Bike tracks: Rental and entry fee
  • Cafe & toilets: Small entry fee
  • Special events and programs: Varying fees

Simply exploring the natural trails and picnicking can be done without paying. Facilities like the Play Forest, bike tracks, cafe, and special events require a small fee. Membership plans are available for regular visitors to save money.

Tips for Visiting Rosliston Forestry Centre

To help you plan your budget and trip to Rosliston, here are some handy tips:

Pack a Picnic

Since the natural woodland areas are free to access, pack a tasty picnic lunch, snacks, and drinks to enjoy during your walk or at the picnic tables. This saves money over buying food at the cafe.

Bring Cash and Cards

The entry kiosks accept both cash and cards for payment. But try to have small bills on hand for quicker transactions if paying cash.

Check Special Event Schedules

If interested in the special orienteering courses or community events, check the schedule online first. These sometimes need to be booked in advance and may not run daily. Plan your visit accordingly.

Ask About Discounts

Discounts may be available for seniors, students, disabled visitors, and low-income families. Inquire at the entry kiosk about potential discounted rates. Annual memberships are another budget-friendly option.

Download Maps in Advance

Scope out which trails or areas you want to explore using the maps on the Rosliston Forestry website. This helps you navigate easier once on-site.

Arrive Early

For weekends and school holidays, arrive early in the morning to beat crowds if possible. This also gives you more daylight hours to explore the trails.

Book Bike Rentals Ahead

Bike rentals can sell out, especially for busy periods and weekends. You can pre-book rentals online to guarantee availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about payments and access at the Rosliston Forestry Centre:

Do I have to pay for parking?

No, the main parking area is free. Additional overflow parking may open during peak periods.

Can I bring my own bikes instead of paying for rentals?

Yes, you’re welcome to bring your own bike and use the tracks without paying the rental fees. But there is still an access fee for the tracks.

Are there concessions or discounts available?

Yes, discounted rates are available for seniors over 65, people with disabilities, full-time students, and children under 3. Ask about options.

When is Rosliston Forestry Centre open?

The main trails and forest areas are open year-round from dawn until dusk. The play forest, cafe, and bike track opening hours vary seasonally. Check the website for current hours.

Can I walk dogs on the trails at Rosliston?

Dogs are welcome in most areas as long as kept on a lead. Make sure to clean up after your pet. Dogs are not allowed in the play forest.

Is Rosliston pram and wheelchair friendly?

Many of the trails have wheelchair/pram-friendly surfaces. The play forest also has accessible play elements. Check trail info for accessibility.

Where is the Rosliston Forestry Centre located?

It is located between Swadlincote and Burton-Upon-Trent in South Derbyshire. Use the postcode DE12 8JX for GPS navigation.

Final Thoughts

Rosliston Forestry Centre offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor facilities. With both free trails and paid activities, visitors can craft their own woodland adventure based on interests and budget.

Families will love the unique play forest while mountain bikers can test skills on the tracks. Or simply go for a tranquil forest stroll taking in scenic views of the countryside.

Just be aware that certain facilities like the bike rental, play areas, cafe, and special events do require small fees. Having cash or cards on hand will allow you to access these easily.

But the majority of the forested areas and trails offer free access for the public to enjoy. Wandering through the woods is possible without paying a cent.

So get out and explore the beauty of Rosliston soon! Its welcoming woods and friendly staff create an unforgettable visit for all.

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